Cost-Effective & Energy-Efficient LG DOAS Systems

LG introduces two new styles of split Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) units to condition outdoor air for indoor air comfort, without sacrificing energy efficiency.

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LG Indoor split DOAS and Rooftop split DOAS systems are the clear choices for owners or builders wanting a cost-effective, energy-efficient HVAC option that meets OA code.

LG’s advanced features, including inverter compressor technology, double heat recovery coil, and interlocking abilities between VRF and DOAS, provide improved energy-efficient outdoor air systems. Applicable for both new builds or remodels, LG DOAS systems:

  1. Replace high energy using traditional on/off compressors with a more efficient inverter compressor
  2. Offer a less costly, more energy-efficient alternative to fossil fuels
  3. Make project management easier for owners and builders because all equipment and controls are manufactured by LG

Energy-Efficient DOAS Units With Lower Installation Costs

In comparison with other dedicated outdoor air system costs, LG DOAS units were thoughtfully designed to reduce installation costs while meeting the needs of multiple applications. These units are well-suited for applications where the roof limitations prevent the use of a packaged rooftop DOAS and are designed specifically for use with LG Multi V outdoor air systems. LG DOAS HVAC units integrate seamlessly with LG VRF controls to address the outdoor air needs of anyone who is building new or retrofitting HVAC systems in buildings such as schools, offices, retail stores, hotels, and multi-family housing.

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